Thinks To Done, January 2019

Last year I tried to make a Thinks To DoDONE post every month to keep myself from feeling like I was drowning under work and not accomplishing anything. I think I managed to post…twice…which wasn’t enough to make me feel very accomplished. :) Trying again!

I finished the second Dublin Driver murder mystery, which was great. I wrote the next section of my REDEEMER/Captain America fan fiction for my Patreon.

(A few days after I posted it, Dad, suddenly, said, “I wish you’d write more of that Captain America story, it’s great.” *laughs* It’s got at least two more sections before I wrap it up, and I’ve set both part one and part two out for public consumption to tantalize you with. :))

I began final edits on STONEMASTER, and got some of the swag (postcards, bookmarks) laid out for it. I got the book jacket cover written and the back cover laid out.

It’s something. It’s not enough, because it never is, but it’s something.

(Oh, I also collected and emailed my comic artist with stuff I was supposed to send him in like November, filled out a long author questionnaire for my new publisher, did a little photography at the zoo, and contracted with a cover artist for new Strongbox Chronicles covers, so that adds up!)

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