This entry is not Jai’s fault.

Jai objects to me posting that all of these entries are her fault, so I would like to state unequivocally that this entry is not Jai’s fault. :)

Ted and I watched the first four episodes of Smallville last night. Tom Welling is insanely cute, even if I think he’s gotten too pretty as he’s gotten a little older. But I really *love* Lex. My favorite moment so far has been Lana serving them the wrong kind of coffee and Lex’s, “Not even close,” which made me laugh out loud twice. :)

Today: back on the writing horse!

miles to Lothlorien: 428.5


  1. Aberdeen

    So it’s her fault then. Er, My fault.

    And, yes. Lex is fantastic. Everything else is okay. Particularly in first season, the writing ranges from “eh” to “oooh”, but Lex. Lex just rocks.

    They got him right.

  2. The Lex/Clark dynamic makes the show, which is a good thing, because the writing doesn’t quite. Be interested to hear your thoughts as the show progresses. I just finished season 1.

    Write me!

  3. mary anne

    Mind you, I’m not quite sure how well he fences, given that I’m not sure how big a fencing club Smallville’s likely to have (no one else seems to do it…) and that he never says “sorry, no can do, got a lesson/got practice” but hey…. ;)

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