this sucks

You know, all I’ve got to talk about is the various kinds of pain I’m in. Maybe I won’t bother. :P


  • Ellen who cannot spell

    Aspririns being small fuzzy, entertaining animals that suck pain away from abused human bodies. Or Ellen not being able to type ‘aspirin.’

  • kit

    ooh. Aspririns sound like nice things. Do they purr? :)

    Thanks for the comfort-thoughts. I am pathetically grateful for them. *hugs*

  • Susannah

    This sounds really silly, but for lower

    back pain/spasm, try lying on the floor with your knees straight in the air & your lower legs on a chair. It lets the bit of the back that is normally crunched in your lumbar arch stretch out.

  • kit

    It doesn’t sound silly. :) However, I’m not really capable of getting on and off the floor right now, so um, I can’t do that. :)

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