this sucks

You know, all I’ve got to talk about is the various kinds of pain I’m in. Maybe I won’t bother. :P

5 thoughts on “this sucks

  1. Aspririns being small fuzzy, entertaining animals that suck pain away from abused human bodies. Or Ellen not being able to type ‘aspirin.’

  2. ooh. Aspririns sound like nice things. Do they purr? :)

    Thanks for the comfort-thoughts. I am pathetically grateful for them. *hugs*

  3. This sounds really silly, but for lower

    back pain/spasm, try lying on the floor with your knees straight in the air & your lower legs on a chair. It lets the bit of the back that is normally crunched in your lumbar arch stretch out.

  4. It doesn’t sound silly. :) However, I’m not really capable of getting on and off the floor right now, so um, I can’t do that. :)

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