thursday weigh-in

Down half a pound-ish this morning, after all that. It’s a little hard to tell, because my scale’s not digital, and I find myself peering myopically at my feet (yes, I do put my glasses on, but how often does one have the chance to say “peering myopically” in real life?). It is clearly not at 155. It is not definetively at 154. So we’ll go with 154.5, and do a little dance of glee for having seen any kind of loss at all. :)

7 thoughts on “thursday weigh-in

  1. Woohoo!
    My scale is strange. It is digital, and does half pounds, which I love. However, it is also sometimes… fickle.

    I can sometimes go to bed at one weight and wake up 2 pounds heavier (without having consumed any food or liquid) a feat that scientifically minded friends tell me is physically impossible. (What you eat and drink may cause you to retain a greater portion of what you put in your mouth, but it’s physically impossible for your body to make more mass than you consume, even if you were consuming pure sugar/fat.) Sometimes if I step on it once, I’ll be a pound up, and step on it again and be a pound and a half down. I find myself stepping on it several times and looking for the most common number.

    I think I’ll change the batteries, but they’re lithium ones and likely a bit spendy (and I think it uses 2 or 3), so it’s going to have to wait til payday.

  2. By the way? GO YOU! Remember, a half pound is like 5% of what you’re going for! That’s more than 3 pounds in “Jesspounds!”

  3. Thank you! and I sure hope it does, because we’re going out to one of the Renowned Restaurants in Alaska tonight and while I don’t plan to overeat, I do expect it will be points-heavy food. :)

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