time travel

The way I think about time travel scenarios you’d think I was likely to be caught up in one AT ANY MOMENT. My current mental scenario obsession: I awaken on Jan 1 of the year I turn 13, with as much knowledge about the future as I can, y’know, remember. What do I do?

(Answer: the 1st fucking thing I do is find a way to stop the Challenger launch. Call in a bomb threat to NASA, I don’t know, but *something*.

2nd thing I do: start acquiring fake IDs. Dunno how you do that in Kenai. “Excuse me, sir, I’m looking for the bad element, can you direct me?”

3rd thing I do: buy stock in Microsoft and Apple. Etc.)

If this is not normal, what the hell do normal people *think* about?


2 thoughts on “time travel

  1. Buying gold coins and burying them somewhere you can dig up later.
    Betting on a one-in-a-million winner and burying the winnings.
    Making sure to study even harder so that when you get back to the age you were before you time travelled you know even more!
    Finding a way to keep the TV series you loved on the air.

  2. “What the hell do normal people think about?”

    If I ever meet any normal people, I’ll ask them.

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