Tired. Only got 700 words written this morning, ’cause I got kind of stuck, but I talked to Sarah about the stuckness and she had a REALLY GOOD IDEA which will get me through it, so I’ll try to sit down and write my other 400 words at lunch. Yay!

I have the coolest job in the world. :) Not the day job, that just pays the bills, but the writing job. I mean, wow. I get to sit down and write stories, if not for a living yet, at least for a paycheck. I get to find out what happens before anybody else does. I get to write things down and get glimmers of what’s going to happen in the stories, stuff I didn’t expect, and I get to wriggle with glee when I know that the unexpected things are going to cause trouble for my characters. That’s just so cool! :)

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