I am tired.

I got up far earlier than I’ve been accustomed to in order to go to Blackrock yesterday. Beeeooooteeful morning. I was glad to be out in it. :) I didn’t really properly admire the weather on the way up, immersed as I was in ‘s THE FIRST BETRAYAL, which took a traditional fantasy plot and turned it on its ear utterly unexpectedly. I wanted the next one immediately. *looks hopefully at *

Since I didn’t have it, I was obliged to read ‘s HIS MAJESTY’S DRAGON, which was as good as everybody kept saying it was. I was dismayed that the train ride ended before the book did, and was hard-pressed to not hole up in a corner at Deirdre’s and insist I be allowed to finish it. :)

Rather than do that, though, we went down to the beach and did a photo shoot, which was a lot of fun. I have some more great pictures of Deirdre leaping and … well, between the beach and going back to shoot some more in Deirdre’s back garden, we took nearly 300 photos. *Something* will turn out from all that. :) We also–or I, at least–got a *dandy* sunburn. Ow.

We went out to dinner (which involved a lot of Seirid saying, “Bite! Bite!” and “Alloallooo!” alternately, and Breic blowing bubbles in his orange juice), and then I trundled back to the train and went out to Portarlington to visit Mom & Dad. This provided me with another couple hours’ worth of reading time, so I finished HMD and wanted the next one immediately.

Fortunately, I *had* THRONE OF JADE, so I read half of it before I got to Portarlington, at which time it became clear I should’ve brought four books for the train trip, since I had another 3+ hours of travel time to get home again. (Indeed, upon finishing it on the train this morning, I seriously considered going to Other Realms when I got into Cork, ’cause I had a little over an hour to kill between trains, but since it’d’ve taken 40 minutes to get to the store and back to the station, it didn’t seem quite worth it. Especially not knowing for sure if BLACK POWDER WAR is out yet. Anyway.)

Stayed up far too late at Mom & Dad’s chatting and generally having a very nice time, then took my sunburned self to bed, where I slept like the dead except when I tried to move and my skin would crease and announce HEY DIMWIT YOU WENT OUT WITHOUT SUNBLOCK. I didn’t move a lot. :) Got up this morning for more chatting, and eventually bobbled off to the train, where I ran out of book before I ran out of travel time, as sadly reported above.

Ted, Hero of the Revolution, did ALL SORTS of things while I was gone. He mowed the back lawn, cleaned the kitty litter and the kitchen (tasks unrelated except for their primogenial letters), and totally straightened up the office. It looks wunnerful. And he was making roast chicken for dinner when I got home. What a wonderful Ted he is. *beam*

miles to Isengard: 115

11 thoughts on “tired

  1. Off topic congrats.
    found The Firebird Deception at Fred Meyer today. Thought you’d like to know.

  2. Black Powder War is out in the US, at least. Now if only the unwritten fourth book was out too.

  3. YAY! I’m delighted you liked the Novik books! I am loving them with huge great heaping amounts of love! :D

  4. *Blushes*

    Thanks for the kind words. Next one is going to be finished up this month if it kills me.

  5. I insist that it not kill you, because if it kills you I will not get to read the whole series, and that would Just Not Do!

    Really, though. *Nice* job of turning that particular plot on its ear. I honestly didn’t expect it, and I’m all antsy to find out what the next betrayals are. *beam*

  6. Black Powder War should be in by the end of the week, you want me to keep it aside for you?

  7. Well, as I explained to folks at a recent reading. “And then in book two, things get worse.” :-)

  8. okay, its in… so whenever you want it just ask whoever is on till.

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