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I got up somewhat too early to play CoH, which I’m going to have to stop playing for at least a week after today, because I’m having CoH dreams. Like, I was trying to get screenshots of the amazingly good CGI in the dream so I could show it to people. It was like Advent’s Children level CGI, but the character I was playing had all the markups of CoH chargen. I may try to make her later, although she was a broadsword scrapper and scrappers aren’t my favorites…

Went out to Fota for a couple of hours and watched a bunch of amazingly badly behaved humans (*adult* humans) harrass or feed animals in ways that were specifically stated in large letters on big signposts all over the place not to do. Stupid humans. I got a handful of cute pictures of baby cheetahs, though, and a good one of a gibbon. I’ve got to go somewhere other than Fota, though, because *I’m* getting tired of animal pictures on kitsnaps.

The new shoes rub my feet against the overdeveloped muscle on my arch, which wasn’t evident at the shoe store from taking only several steps around, but they are peculiarly comfortable otherwise. I think they may actually improve posture, as advertised, and within twenty steps I could feel how they made my calves work differently than regular tennies. It took definitely over a mile of walking before I stopped noticing the ways in which they felt different, so it’ll probably be several days before I’m actually used to them. I’ll be curious to see how my lower back reacts to them, too. I haven’t put the lift into the right shoe yet, and after a fair bit of walking today, my back does *not* feel thick, which is promising. We’ll see how it transpires.

I am tired and still cold, and feeling completely overwhelmed by the prospect of having to feed myself. I am the laziest most spoiled Kit *ever*.

Yes, sir, another episode of My Fascinating Life. :)

miles to Dunharrow: 82


  1. mylescorcoran

    The stupidity of my fellow humans in relation to their treatment of zoo (and other) animals never ceases to surprise me.

    I do remember with great amusement one visit where I watched a gang of ring-tailed lemurs confront and drive off a bunch of supposedly superior primates. In this case a bunch of screaming 7-9 year old Corconians.

  2. valkyrwench

    You know you’ve been playing too much CoH when you drive past an industrial park and find yourself scanning the rooftops and alleyways for bad guys.

    @AllieKatz – mostly on Champion and Liberty.

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