tired me

I have tickets to MA! Hooray! Pi-Con, here I come!

I believe I have meals scheduled with , and , and and possibly , who claimed there would be sad faces if not. Between those and the panels, I’m going to have to stay up all night to talk to and meet *new* people!

I also got some writing done today, though I didn’t get to page 100. Only to page … 82, I think. Well, still, forward motion is good. And I went to the gym! Which I won’t do again for days and days now, but oh well, not much to be done about it.

ytd wordcount: 130,900
miles to Minas Tirith: 239


  1. beard5

    Well, Dayum! You’re going to be just down the road from me (okay, about 3 to four hours down the road, but still. Now if I can find someone who’s going…that isn’t in Pennsylvania.

    (By the way, say hello to Cecilia Tan, if she has one of her erotica panels, go see it, she’s fantastic.)

  2. moonbyrd


    Not fair. I had no idea there was a con next week. I’m only in Boston but I have to work!! I’d so much rather lavish my obsessions upon you.

    Have fuuuun!

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