tired me

I read a very good book last night, The Wild Swans, by Peg Kerr. It’s very sad, but it’s very good. I also made cookies, and then I went to bed exhausted. Actually, I did those things in the opposite order, but whatever.

I have another ten thousand bugs to fix today. I also need to email my boss and ask him if I can have Friday off, because I need a break. :P

Plus, I should drink more water.

5 thoughts on “tired me

  1. no, no, she read the book in her sleep, THEN made cookies, also while asleep ;)

  2. *snickers and giggles* Um, well, I didn’t mean I’d done the dropping into bed of exhaustion bit in a different order from which it was listed, but it’s certainly more fun to read that way, isn’t it?

    i’m drinking water!

  3. well, yes, it was more amusing in the order that it read……

    and i’m glad you’re drinking water….you should go drink some more, too…. :)

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