tired me

I read a very good book last night, The Wild Swans, by Peg Kerr. It’s very sad, but it’s very good. I also made cookies, and then I went to bed exhausted. Actually, I did those things in the opposite order, but whatever.

I have another ten thousand bugs to fix today. I also need to email my boss and ask him if I can have Friday off, because I need a break. :P

Plus, I should drink more water.


  • kit

    *snickers and giggles* Um, well, I didn’t mean I’d done the dropping into bed of exhaustion bit in a different order from which it was listed, but it’s certainly more fun to read that way, isn’t it?

    i’m drinking water!

  • mary anne

    well, yes, it was more amusing in the order that it read……

    and i’m glad you’re drinking water….you should go drink some more, too…. :)

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