titles! release dates! squee!

We have titles!

Iago gets two out of three; Cyrano gets the other. The books will be THE CARDINAL RULE (Cyrano’s suggestion), THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION, and THE PHOENIX LAW (Fred’s ideas). THE CARDINAL RULE will be out in December 2005. THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION is due out in spring 2006, but more specifically I don’t know.

But! I also got a release date on THUNDERBIRD FALLS, which is due out in *May* 2006! That means I’ll have three Walker Papers stories out inside a year, and *five* books out total in that time period.

*falls right over*

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    Let me know when you need me for intimidating bodyguard duty at a con down here in the lower-48. ;)

  2. Can you have a list on the side of your webpage with all of your titles/release dates? I’m having trouble keeping up! Thanks!

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