Today was hard.

Frosty Cross

Today was hard. It would have been my mom’s 69th birthday, her second since her death. This year was actually harder than last year, possibly because my entire friends list was overwhelmed with tributes and sorrow over Ursula Le Guin’s death, and, as someone said, grief stacks. It’s also that I miss her terribly, every day, and it’s just been…hard.

Since it’s her birthday and everything, I thought I’d mention the dance scholarship fund we set up in her name. Our goal now is $4000, an additional $1500 above where we are, which would extend the scholarship for another three years. I have to update the goal there, but $4K is our goal now.

We gave out the first scholarship last year, and the next one will be given out in May. We got pretty emotional about it last year, and I’m glad it’s something we’re doing. If you can, and are moved to, help out, that would be…a really wonderful, generous act. Thank you all. ♥

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