trudgetrudgetrudge…ooh! you like me!

Trudging along with the writing. I decided to procrastinate take a well-deserved mental break and check my myspace page. There, I found several new comments from people who’d just read either COYOTE DREAMS or HEART OF STONE and who were really enjoying them.

I guess that kinda makes the trudge worthwhile. *beams*

13 thoughts on “trudgetrudgetrudge…ooh! you like me!

  1. I just recently read through all three of the Walker Papers books for the first time (after they’d been sitting on my bookshelf for about 6 months, because the number of books I’ve bought and haven’t gotten around to reading yet is just staggering–literally in the hundreds).

    I very much enjoyed all three books; they keep getting better and better, and it’s a treat to see Joanne deal with some of the painful baggage of her past. Your writing is sharp and clear and wonderfully descriptive, and when I get around to it, I hope to buy Heart of Stone and be equally delighted by it.

  2. Oh it’s worth it – really. I just need to make sure I get House of Cards on a Friday or Saturday so I am not late for work again!!

  3. I need to go get both Heart of Stone this week. Heh.

    I have Coyote Dreams. Duh.

  4. OK, I’ve been holding back my fangirl gushing, but after a statement like that…

    I couldn’t put Heart Of Stone down. I’d be gripped by it way too late into the night, loving every second.

    And I geeked out at the big chain bookstore about the Murphy books to a salesperson there. She is now intrigued.

  5. Oh of course its worth it. You are a talented author who produces great work.
    (is that enough gushing?)

  6. I looked at Urban Shaman three times before i decided to actually buy it. Once i bought it and only part way through it i had to buy the other two. It was funny, i thought i’d have to wait ages for another of your books…but then i wandered across Heart of Stone. I love love love your books, you’ve pretty much acquired a dedicated fan. I now have a total of three authors that i am dedicated to. I read a lot but it takes a lot for me to have to read and own every one of a particulare authors books. So thank you. :)

  7. Just finished Heart of Stone the other day – excellent read. I really liked the mythology of the world, and the characters. So, chalk up one more. (Read Dreams ages ago, was really good).

    Waiting for Sequels, as usual.

  8. HI!

    I caught a blurb of your latest book on eharlequin and it sounds *highly* intriguing. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to go out and get it. In the meantime, may I make a copy of your icon of your new book and post it on my blog?

    I’m not exactly ljing lately but I have a blogspot that I love and I’d love to link to you. Your

    Please and thank you!


  9. Heck fire, I don’t require anybody to hold back fangirl gushing… *grins* I’m glad you like the books, and yay for turning salespeoples onto them! Thank you! *beams*

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