Truly Vile Stench

I was woken up 90 minutes ago because there was a Truly Vile Stench.

I have never been woken up by a Truly Vile Stench before.

I do not, on the whole, recommend it.

After taking several minutes to determine that the Truly Vile Stench did *not* come from our bedroom, we went downstairs to discover that the dog had done every imaginable excretion in her kennel.

She evidently ate some of her bedding stuffing, and apparently had to poop.

Then she ate the poop.

Then she puked.

Which is approximately when we got up.

I have *no* idea how Emily slept through the Truly Vile Stench.

I brought the dog out. She pooped a little.

I brought her back in after several minutes.

Two minutes after we came in she puked.

(Sarah says: “She having an allergic reaction to her shots?” I say “No, she was having an allergic reaction to the dog shit she’d eaten.”)

There was much cleaning up. Her bed was declared a toxic waste area and thrown out. She seemed to be feeling better. We cleaned the kennel and put her back in it.

We went back to bed.

Four minutes later there was More Truly Vile Stench, and a YIP from the puppy.

We bolted back downstairs.

She was standing in some Really Disgusting Bile. In her kennel.

Out we went again.

Ted cleaned the kennel. Chanti was feeling much better and romped around. We came in again.

I bathed her. She didn’t like that.

And I figured, what the fuck, I’m up, I’ll go keep Sarah company the last half hour of her blog. O.O

I also figured I’d stay up a while and see if the wretched, wretched puppy vomited or shat again.

I am wet and covered in dog hair and very smelly. And I had such a *nice* plan to get up around 8 and go to the gym and go do the horrible running thing and go shopping and do … y’know. Stuff.


I think I might have to take a shower before I go back to bed. Or maybe that’s too much effort. Glargh. But Chanti hasn’t gotten sick again, and it’s been half an hour or more, so maybe she’s run out of things to sick up. I hope so. :/

Right. G’night. :P

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