trying to get flu shots

I’m trying to get flu shots for Young Indiana and myself. This should not, you would think, be particularly hard. (You would, in fact, perhaps THINK that the schools do them, but they don’t.)

It’s super easy for *me* to get a flu shot. I can just stop by any ol’ pharmacy and do that. But Indy isn’t old enough to get a shot at a pharmacy, so I made us appointments at the GP for Thursday afternoon. “It’ll be €25 each,” the receptionist said.

“We both have asthma, which puts us in the risk group. It’s supposed to be free,” I said.

“Oh,” she said, “the shot is free. The €25 is the nurse’s administrative fee.”


Okay. Fine. Whatever. Then this morning I decided, mmm, it’d be better to do them on a Friday, so that if Indy’s knocked on his ass from it, he has the weekend to feel better instead of dealing with feeling bad at school. So I called up to cancel the Thursday appointment.

“We’re very sorry,” a different receptionist said, “I don’t have you down for an appointment at all.”

“Well,” I said cheerfully, “at least we won’t miss the appointment then. Can I reschedule for this Friday or Friday next?”

“I have 11:30am Friday next,” she said.

Obviously that’s not gonna do, since, y’know: school. But the nurse isn’t available on Friday afternoons! Isn’t that great?

Honestly, this should not be that hard. And yet here we are.

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  1. Not old enough to get a shot at a pharmacy? Are pharmacies in Ireland like taverns?

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