two more minutes!

Two more minutes! I just needed two more minutes!

I went to the pool tonight, and after leaving early enough to be really early, traffic was very slow and I didn’t get in the water until about 5:37.

If I’d been in by 5:35, I could have done 4000 yards. Instead, I only managed 3900, and I hauled *ass* through a 1000 yard sprint; did it in about 17 minutes. Ok, that’s not *really* hauling ass, but it was pretty good. And it was my last 1000, so that’s even better. And then I did another 150 and I just needed TWO MORE MINUTES. But they were yelling, “Everybody out!” and taking down the lane lines, so I couldn’t do my last hundred. Wah.

God, it was a good swim, though. I hit the water in the zone, pretty much, and was like, “We do not need oxygen like you puny earth creatures! Bwahahahah! We laugh in the face of puny earth creatures! We scoff at the need for oxygen!” for the whole swim.


It struck me that I could swim for a measly hour in the morning and swim at night and get an easy 5K yards in a day. That’d rock. I’m going to try to get up and swim tomorrow morning, ’cause tomorrow evening is the first drawing class, and I won’t be able to gym. So that’s the plan.

I must go to bed early tonight to accomplish this, though.

Ted made a *really* good pot roast and potatoes and carrots for dinner. *drool* Yum. (Thank you, Melissa, for the carrots. (Melissa had Too Many Carrots, when we went over for dinner yesterday, and asked if we wanted to bring some home. We said, “Sure!” and she stealthily began to stuff, and I do mean stuff, carrots into ziplock bags. Ted noticed after she’d completely filled two bags (sandwich-sized, fortunately, and not quart-sized!) and said, “Uh, that’s enough, Melissa!” And she looked *very* disappointed at having been caught. *laugh* She gave us almost half the carrots she had! But she’d hoped to give us more. *giggles*))

swam: 3900 yards

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  1. and I would have too, had I been a leeetle bit sneaker. :) Should have used Pat as a distraction.

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