two week challenge warning

For thems as wants to play, I’ll be running another 2 week challenge from March 19-30 (or maybe 18th-31st, depending on how weekend warrior I’m feeling). I’m going to try to get my revisions put together by the end of this week so I can make a forward charge on the book, probably aiming for a chapter a day or something like that. I’ll be keeping tabs on , as usual, and anyone who wishes to participate is encouraged to do so. :)

Meanwhile, I got about 500 words written and cut two chapters. From the first five. @.@ This is *not* an efficient way to write a book!

BTW, I really like yesterday’s kitsnaps. :)

ytd wordcount: 45,100


  1. goth_huntress

    Perfect timing since I’ll be home alone for a good chunk of that, and need the discipline of the two week challenge! I vote for the 19th! Since my friend from Northern Ireland arrives on the 17th.

  2. nineme

    Here’s a second vote for the 19th. I’ll be in MD this weekend for the / fest.

    Having learned my lesson last time about trying to fit revisions into these challenges, I’m just not. I’ll pick up Dead Man’s Shoes again and see what more of a mess I can make out of the draft. :)

  3. logrusboy

    This is *not* an efficient way to write a book!

    Don’t think of it as that, silly! Think of it as generating “Bonus Features” like they do for DVDs. Down the road (after rights revert or your publishers get greedier), you can put out discs with “Original Release” and “Author’s Preferred Version”, deleted scenes, maybe even some side-by-side analyses to demonstrate the goods and bads of the editing process.

    Fen would love you (more) for that sort of nonsense. Come to think of it, you could probably get fen to do most of the work for you. I might just be on to something here. Or, of course, I might just be completely mad.

  4. mizkit

    People do put deleted scenes up on their websites and stuff, in fact. I haven’t, so far, in part because either I can use it for a later book, or because it so totally no longer works for the story I don’t like the idea of it being public.

    I’ve heard the DVD Special Edition version of books suggestion several times in the last year or so. *laugh* But I think the “get a fan to do it” is a much better idea than me doing it… :)

  5. logrusboy

    To apply any seriousness to this “Special Features” idea at all–a challenge for me, as you know–I only see a few workable scenarios, not all of which apply to you.

    – Outsourcing. No, not to me.
    – Author was forced to make unwanted changes and feels compelled to restore the true artistic vision.
    – Textbook for writing or editing class.
    – Author needs to fill time and produce income while trying to think up a project to work on.
    – Author needs to remind self of contents of earlier books to avoid inconsistencies and isn’t content to just read the damned things.
    – Author’s estate can’t find any more discarded notes buried in trunks in the attic.

  6. mysticmoose

    I’m in. What’s the challenge?

    I’m hoping to get 60k words done in the next 30 days (2k a day or so), but I haven’t set an actual “challenge” to myself (yet).

  7. mizkit

    *laughs* We essentially set our own goals, yeah. Mostly the ‘challenge’ aspect is working toward something in a set period of time when you know others are also trying to accomplish something, if not an identical thing, in that same time frame. Like I said, I think I’m going to be going for a chapter a day, f’rex. Do join us!

  8. cearabrede

    I’m game! I’ve been dallying on doing an outline and character arcs for my WIP so that I can write it, but if I do the Catie version of Fast Draft I have an external motivation to get my butt in gear. I do have to write two academic papers – wait, no, three? – during this time as well so I will probably fail, but I’m game all the same. :)

    I guess it’s time to take my LJ public.

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