unexpectedly wonderful day

Ted, who is really an incredibly wonderful husband, got up at 6am and drove to Shannon this morning to collect me. I had no expectation of this at all, and am inexpressably happy that he did so. It made a very, very long day much, much better.

…oh, to hell with it. I’m a disgusting smelly sweaty thing, and I can’t think, so I’m going to go take a very long shower, finish reading EMPIRE OF IVORY, read the Marvel CIVIL WAR graphic novel I just picked up, make some stew, and if I’ve got anything left after all that, I’ll write something resembling a weekend report.

I’ll go back and read blog entries, but if I’ve missed anything really scintillating, leave me a comment telling me where to look. :)

9 thoughts on “unexpectedly wonderful day

  1. Hey, glad you got home okay (finally)!

    Awesome meeting you, by the way. You can buy me potato skins anytime. ;)

  2. Since it happened basically while you were in the US: Soula had her baby! I am just today leaving Seattle so was here for the whole exciting thing. ^_^

    Pictures here and here, and Soula’s now posting about the whole thing with some irregularity (as opposed to not at all or dictating to me).

  3. You WERE having a wonderful day, but then you decided to read Civil War. :)

  4. A somewhat belated congratulations on finally making it home! It was super-great to see you again, so thanks for letting me tag along with you and on the business dinner. Heh.

    I hope that your cold turned out to just be bad hotel air, and you’re feeling better now. You’ll be glad to know that, if it was a cold, your agent didn’t seem to have caught it as of last evening when I was helping her pack for vacation.

    Looking forward to seeing you, and Ted, in November!

  5. Oh, feh, like having to see you was some Great Burden To Be Endured. I’m really glad you were able to come along. Verra fun evening. :)

    The cold seems to have turned out to be a genuine cold, but I’m very glad I didn’t infect Jenn (or hopefully you) with it, and I’m feeling quite a lot better now. Yay. :)

    I’m really looking forward to November. We’s gonna have fun!

  6. Well, it didn’t quite ruin my wonderful day, but wow, what a stupid ending. o.O

  7. I’m glad the cold’s feeling so much better. :)

    Glad too that you had a verra fun evening back on Saturday, and are looking forward to more fun this fall. Yay!

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