up! down! up! down! up!

Back to my usual perky self this morning. Still not sure if I’m going to MeCon, though Ted informed me last night it was silly to not go just because he couldn’t. I must remind him to be certain to get the Octocon weekend off so we can *both* go to that.

I have had GoLean Crunch with blueberries for breakfast. My life is good. :) Also, I watched the PotC extras dvd last night and got to giggle over Orlando Bloom going “Swash swash buckle buckle!” which was ridiculously cute. I’ve updated kitsnaps with about another months’ worth of photos, and hopefully won’t miss another three weeks the way I did in July. ‘course, if I do, well, oh well. :)

I need to write, shop (more; I’ve been doing it piecemeal) and do laundry today. And maybe go to the farmer’s market, but we’ll see if that part pans out.

I’m just gonna update this every hour or so, maybe, and see if that inspires me to new heights. :)
11am: 900 words
12pm: 550 words
1:30pm: 600ish words, and 370 pages! Yay!

ytd wordcount: 256,000
miles to Isengard: 198

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  1. You might be better off going to Mecon rather than Octocon, as there’s no actually discernable work done on Octocon since the last con, if the website is anything to go on. There are no guests announced, even. I am, unfortunately, not optimistic about their chances of pulling it out of the hat at this late stage…

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