Not actually so hot today. Well, as hot, but not so muggy, so we’re not quite dying like we have been. That’s good.

I went over to Tor Books at 12:30 and met Teresa, who remembered me from Writer’s Weekend and who promptly began giving me books. I had been so good! I hadn’t bought any new books or anything! And now I’ve got, er. Seven. Three of which are hardcovers and .. maybe four of which are hardcovers. And one of which actually belonged to Teresa, rather than being a Tor “these are for giving away” book.

She introduced me to everybody in the office and gave me the ten cent tour of the building — it’s SOOOOO COOL! ahem. — and I said Chinese would be good for lunch, so we went outside, collected Ted — who was waiting patiently, since we didn’t know if I should drag him along — and then we spent half an hour marching around Manhattan trying to find a Chinese place. Teresa was most … mortified is too strong a word. Perturbed. :) Eventually we ended up at a terrific old bar called… possibly called The Old Bar. I forget. Where we had burgers and very good potato salad, and where we talked extensively about all sorts of things, including, eventually, Angles.

Let’s see, 3 minutes left. Should I leave you with that teaser? No, no, don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me! Eeee! Ow ow! Okay, okay. :)

She likes it. *grin* In the vein, she said, of Susan Cooper, C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander and Joy Chant, all of whom I’ve read but Chant, and Chant was the one she thought it was most like. She asked if I had the manuscript with me, and I said not a hard copy, but I’d brought it on floppy, and she said, “Good!” and said she’d print it out in the queue right after she was done printing out Steven Brust’s new book.

I said, “Could you say that again, please?” And she did, and I giggled rather ferociously, because, well! *laugh* Ok, I’m a big old geek, but Brust! :)

Hm. Plenty lots more to say, but now down to 54 seconds, so I’m going to post this as is and you’ll probably just have to suffer with the tidbits I’ve given you until tomorrow when I get home. :)


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