I’ve been busy writing updates for my webpage and leaving them at home on the other computer. At this point, since we theoretically get net on Friday, I probably won’t bother bringing them in. There’s only a couple of them anyway.

Nf. The problem is once I get to the internet cafe I can’t remember anything I’d been going to talk about.

Holy cow! I just read that Shannon Butcher, who I hate to define as Jim’s wife even if it’s the easiest way to provide a frame of reference, sold two books to Warner! Wow! Good for Shannon! Woot!

Um. Let’s see. Went to the gym on Monday. Going again today. I was going to swim last night, but dinner ended up running unexpectedly late ’cause the landlord came over and was working on stuff, so I didn’t. We finished watching Neverwhere, which is very Neil Gaiman. I’m still not entirely sure if I liked it, though Ted liked it quite a lot. But then, I generally find that I like Neil Gaiman’s blog better than Neil Gaiman’s books and things, so it’s perhaps not surprising that I’m a bit ambivilant about the show.

Good writing day so far today. 4600 words, which kind of makes up for playing a zillion games of solitaire and not doing much else yesterday. I might write a little more after gymming/dinner, ’cause I’m relatively close to 80K and that’d be a nice landmark to hit today. It’d be a nice landmark to hit tomorrow, too, but I’m reluctant to really start reading anything (I’m reading Isabel Allende’s APHRODITE, but it can only be digested in small chunks, so it doesn’t exactly count) because if I don’t finish whatever I’m reading in one evening, I tend to want to finish reading it in the morning and that blows the hell out of the writing schedule. And everything I’ve got handy to read is sort of big, so, eh. Not really looking at reading right now. Which means between no net and no reading and a limited desire to watch tv, one is left with…writing. So maybe 80K is a nice number for today.

The J. Peterman catalog doesn’t have anything cool right now. :P

Ok. Going to … wander mindlessly down to the gym, I think. Bye!

ytd wordcount: 27,300
miles to Mount Doom: 375

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