My first usenet post:


Subject: ElfQuest

Newsgroup: rec.arts.comics

Date: 1991-03-11 23:18:05 PST

I just went through the entire list of titles in the rec.comic thinger, and from that, I must assume there are no other screaming ElfQuest fans running around. I’m not a big comic reader, although I pick them up sometimes – ElfQuest is my downfall. Is there anyone else out there who’s with me????

I cringe, or something. :) There are simply some things that should not be recorded for posterity. :)

3 thoughts on “usenet

  1. Oh, that wasn’t bad at all, apart from the multiple question marks =) I’m glad I haven’t been able to find my first posts – I have a vague idea they involved a furious political flamewar.

  2. *laugh* The question marks were embarrassing. I believe I lurked for several days before posting, so I might’ve … ooh. No. No, my first postings were from my boyfriend’s email account, I bet. Because I remember a flamewar, too…

    Nevermind. I claim this is my first usenet posting. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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