v. proud of myself

I’m v. proud of myself. I have participated in *three* social activities outside of my immediate family this month. The RWA meeting last night was pretty fun, although somewhat scattered, as usual. I came home and watched Law & Order and ate chili-cheese fries after that.

I got up this morning and discovered I’d once more written myself into a corner. Or, rather, I’d once more written myself into a sufficiently wrong place that going forward seemed pointless. What I ended up doing was writing a synopsis of how it was *supposed* to go, and now I’m extremely tempted to just tack the synopsis onto the end of ch. 33 (as that was the point at which things began to go wrong) and call the book done. In fact, I’m almost certain I’m going to. The book needs enough rewrites already that at this point, going back and rewriting the end when there’s tons of stuff to do before that, too, seems utterly fruitless. The funny thing is that I don’t even mind the prospect of going back and doing all those rewrites. I just want to be done with *this* *damned* *draft*.

And I think I am.


Yay me! I’m done writing THUNDERBIRD FALLS! Yaaaaaay!



Okay. Course of action: finish writing the (beginning of the) synopsis. Print out the book so I have a copy to write on. Talk it over with Sarah. In the meantime, work on TQB for the next month and, oh, see if my revision letter for US is anything like on the way. And, um. Yeah! I’ll come take another look at TB in April. Yay!

ytd wordcount: 76,500

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