very darned tired

Very tired. Running 98 now, which is, well, better than crashing XP. Ted thinks it’s my scanner that was making XP crash, and he’s probably right, since it seems to be working now that it’s not hooked up to the scanner. He’s been a very kind and patient Ted today and has helped me a lot. I have a very good husband.

I read Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter, by Barbara Robinette Moss, this evening between other stuff. It’s a memoir of a woman who grew up very poor in Alabama in the 60s and who was very badly disfigured, facially, from malnutrition. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was deeply beloved but sort of weirdly remote, and the family was in general a mess. There are some cringe-worthy bits; it wasn’t a particularly nice life in most ways, but it’s really quite a good read. If you’ve got any sort of interest in memoir things, I’d recommend it.

Ted and I went to dinner at Bear Tooth because I desperately, desperately needed to get out of the house. My tummy does not at all appreciate the pizza or the nummy garlic treats. I should really just stop eating pizza.

I also went to the Livejournal Meetup–saw Dad at Title Wave!–and met several of the local LJers, which was actually pretty cool. I was wearing an ElfQuest t-shirt and one of them (Heidi, maybe) asked if I gamed, and so maybe I made a couple of contacts for gaming! That’d be cool! Speaking of which, I need to email Amy tomorrow, and go bug Christopher at the comic shop to get Bret’s phone number, or at least his last name.

One of Ted’s professors asked him today if he’d be interested in being a TA for one of the courses she teaches! I don’t know if the current TA is going away, but that’s really cool for Ted! Ted is wonderful! *beam*

miles to Rivendell: 297.5

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  1. Howdy Kit & Ted:

    1) The news is reporting a HUGE solar flare ion/magnetic storm will “strike the Earth” at noon EST today. Oh my – sounds like a SciFi thriller. (I’m thinking about cross linking the main deflector dish to the warp nacels to create an inverse warp bubble / tachayon field about my home – but then Wesly said I’d blow up infinity, so I thought better of it.) I told “my people” at work that other than wrapping the building in Reynolds Wrap (its 275,000 sq ft) we could do nothing – BUT I’m thinking you Alaska folks will have AMAZING auroraas? Lemme know – and TAKE PICTURES! Jealous – never seen it.

    2) Vacation – if you wanna do a NYC thing – let me know. Chateaux Barry is open – with that express bus to NYC… Sleeping in the country woods – private guest room & bath – wood stove & roaring fire… I know you were “just here” and winter in NYC while “holiday ish” isn’t warm & beachy – but just remember – you can land at my place if you “need” a vacation.

    3) Did you get your sleeping bags?


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