I had a From Light to Darkness dream last night. Now, for those of you who don’t know what FLtD is, let me summarize by saying it’s a LARP (live-action role-play) game that COMPLETELY sucks the brains of the players. It plays about every 6 weeks or so, and renders everyone involved into mindless FLtD drones. Apparently it’s pretty fun.

But I don’t play it! And yet, and yet, I had a DREAM about it! About Flit and Sarah’s characters. It was a very brief dream, in which Flit’s character was a sort of ingenue, with a propensity for purchasing things whimsically, and Sarah’s character was more or less her protectorate, and it was VERY DISTRESSING. I am SCARRED. AUGH. :)

1 thought on “VERY DISTURBED!

  1. Muahahahaha! No one can escape the brain-suckage that is FLTD! Not even the uninvolved! Muahahahaha!

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