very happy birthday!

Wow, what a busy day. *Very* nice birthday.

I got up at 7:20 and went out to Eagle River to do the Diabetes Tour de Cure (and if you were thinking about making a donation to the ride and just happened to forget, well, heck, you can still make one through the end of June! Just click on that link!), which was really a great deal of fun. I did the 50K ride, which, according to my odometer, was 34.5 miles, which I did in 2:59:48, for an average of 11.5mph, (but who’s counting). At nearly every stop, people asked me about the recumbent, so that was a lot of fun.

On the way out, Ted and I observed the Great Big Huge Ass Valley Hill, upon which TdC people were biking. It really is a valley, so it is a GBHAVH on /two/ sides; you can’t get away with just biking the up or the down, nope. If you just do one, you’re stuck at a bridge over Eagle River. That’s no good. So we said to each other, “Wow, that’s really going to suck,” and indeed, it really sucked. It was like 3/4ths of a mile long. I didn’t stop, though! I was proud of myself.

The *extremely* cool part, though, was coming /back/ on the GBHAVH. I hit 33.5mph before I put my brakes on. At 30mph, I said, “Woo!” and at 33.5mph I said, “Holy shit!” and braked. The path was not clear of gravel, and I *really* didn’t want to wipe out at that speed. Plus, it was six miles an hour faster than my previous personal top speed record, and that seemed like enough for one day. :)

It was a very nice ride. I had a really good time. I’m glad I decided to do the 50K instead of the 100K. V. glad.

Came home and got in the shower. In the shower, I discovered that I’d apparently gotten colder than I’d thought I had, because my fingernails were blue. I’d never actually seen my fingernails turn blue before. Not v. attractive. So I decided to stay in the shower until my fingernails weren’t blue anymore, and that took a long long time. In fact, I used all the hot water in the house.

I also used up whatever reserves of energy I had left and my blood sugar *crashed*. Nausea and dizziness. Gaaah. Not good. I tried to eat some soup but could barely get my hand to pick up the spoon; just seemed like too much effort. But after a couple of minutes of staring at the soup I managed to eat some, and then Deirdre called! She said, “*gasp*!” when I answered the phone, and then she and Gavin sang me “Happy birthday” quite beautifully. Gavin has a lovely voice, too. So that was really neat.

And they’re coming up next week! I didn’t know that! They’ll be here for 8 days! I’m very happy! I’ll get to meet Breic! YAY!!!! V. excited! *beam*

Breic made cheery little burbling ‘bah blah aahb bah bah’ noises in the background while we were on the phone,and Deirdre asked if I wanted to talk to him, so I said sure! And he got very quiet while I said hello, and Deirdre said that he was pressing his ear against the phone and listening *very* intently. *giggle* V. cute!

Uh. Oh. Then I had to go lie down for a while, because I was really just full of static noise. Very, *very* tired, very low blood sugar. I lay down and didn’t sleep, because I was still cold and because I’m all wheezy today (yuck) and so mostly I was listening to my breath rattling in my throat like a party noisemaker. I did rest, though, and then Angie called and that perked me right up. She was calling partly to mock herself, because she has had a present for me that she’s been smug about for /months/, and apparently it’s still sitting on her kitchen floor, and so I laughed and laughed at her. :)

Then I asked how her bellydance performance had gone, but you’re just going to have to read her writeup of that when she does it. *laugh* So that was lots of fun.

We went over to Mom & Dad’s briefly, and then came back and Mom and Dad came over /here/ and Ted’s Mom called to wish me a happy birthday while Ted cooked an astounding dinner.

Now, look. I asked for tacos for my birthday dinner. In my world, if you ask for tacos for dinner, you get… tacos.

When you ask Ted for tacos for dinner, you get tacos and enchiladas and spanish rice and refried beans, an entire Mexican menu.

I have a really cool husband. :)

I made a coffee-chocolate molten lava cake kind of dessert for my birthday cake, and it was VERY VERY GOOD. I’m extremely pleased with the recipe, which I got from my I Love Chocolate cookbook. The best thing about it is it that it only makes 5-6 little cakes, so there are no leftovers to tempt me! ahahah!

I got some good loot! I got the sunglasses last week, and Stargate: Season One from Emily, and Ted’s parents gave me a check, which I spent on…

…the first sign of the Apocalypse.

I bought a Playstation 2.

I’d been /wanting/ one, kinda, because I really want to be able to play Dance Dance Revolution, but I really couldn’t justify /buying/ one, because, well. Me. Video games. I think they’re evil.

But I suddenly had this extra money to do with as I wished! And I wished to have DDR! So now I do! *beam*

‘course, if I don’t use it, I’ll sell the thing in 6 months. So there.

Aaaaaaaaaand I also got ooh ooh a REALLY nifty set of color ink pens for drawing with, and a *very* funny piece of artwork from my parents: it has two kitties, in shades, clinging to a.. well. Fabric on a wall; it suggests ‘curtain’ to me. And they’re looking back over their shoulders with evil little grins on their evil little faces, and it says: They were BAD KITTIES… and they acted as though they didn’t even care!

*helpless laughter* I will put it up in my nook. I love it. *laugh* *beam*

And! And! Shaun got me Stargate: Season TWO! So now I have ALL the Stargate to watch–and I probably won’t start until this fall, but yeah! Cool! Yay!

And Emily called to wish me a happy birthday and to give me a CR concert report (short version: they had fun), aaaaannnnnnd…

And now that I have written that all up, I’m going to go collapse into bed, for it has been a v. long and busy day!

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  1. Aigh! Birthday Kit and I *forgot*! Rotten me! I’m glad you had a good time. And, um, talking of nice husbands, I’m looking for a good Spanish rice recipe :)

  2. I would love to give you one but I used the old family recipe. Old Elpaso in a box. :)

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