Viable Paradise & Other Stuff

Got email last night saying I’d been accepted into Patrick & Teresa Nielson Hayden’s Viable Paradise workshop at Martha’s Vineyard at the end of September. Week-long writer’s workshop. Squee!

In other writing news, I broke 150K words for the year and 12K on the novel I’m working on now. Chugga chugga chugga.


  1. xpioti

    You’re too awesome! Martha’s Vineyard is very nifty; I don’t think everything will be closed down by the end of September, but I’m not sure. August-September is Storm Season, and the island is quite seasonal. :P

  2. xpioti
  3. rmd

    i haven’t been on martha’s vinyard for at least 15 years, but my folks live on cape cod, and the autumn is still pretty substantially touristy. (although it’s mostly weekend tourists instead of week-long visitors).

    it’s really quite nice over there.

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