vocabulary test

This is a very aggravating vocabulary test. I got 157 out of 200 (and apparently forgot to answer 3). I disagree with at least a third of the ones it says I got wrong, ’cause I don’t think that all of those words are necessarily opposites or the same.

Trip, who is Better Than Me, or who at the very least has a larger vocabulary, got 180 out of 200. Sulk. :)


  • Laura

    I got 162 correct and somehow left 2 blank (and I went back to check to be sure I didn’t leave any blank, so I suspect there’s a flaw in the thing somewhere). I agree that some of their pairings are questionable…some of those REALLY aren’t clearly opposite OR the same as each other, just different.

  • traci

    My final score was 150 – but I did it twice. The first time my computer locked up. Not to say I didn’t change my mind on some words the second way through!

  • Ellen

    I got bored halfway through and only answered the first 112 of them. Of those, I got 88 right. I gotta flex the word-parts of my brain.

  • Aberdeen

    I got 172. I agree that a lot of the pairings were … poor. It also took me about an hour to get through, and I almost gave up after the first 75. There were many words I’ve never seen before… which I am not used to.

  • patch

    Yeah, some of the pairings really were very poor- the opposites were the easiest, I think. At least where I knew what they were, anyway. ;) Mostly I missed ones I didn’t know at all, but the rest of the ones I missed were ones I /thought/ I knew- words that were vaguely familiar and that I thought I knew sorta what they meant, but I didn’t. :P (pulchritude, anyone??)

  • patch

    Also, for anyone who feels the need to feel consoled, I personally think that vocabulary tests are a poor measure of intelligence. There is certainly some correlation, but for people who are more left-brained, less verbally focused, aren’t as much into reading everything they can get their hands on, or who have learning disabilities or english as a second language or /whatever/… they can still be smarter than heck and still show up very poorly on something like this. :P However, if a person does do well… well! Good for them. ;) I’m just saying- doing poorly doesn’t really mean anything.
    (My aunt is the first example who comes to mind: a math whiz, very intelligent, programmed software for the Navy when they were still using punchcards, but with zero common sense and not much experience outside her chosen field.)

  • Janne

    Improving on Kits betterness by adding one more comment: I got 163, which isn’t too bad for my third language. Or maybe that’s why… I’ve had to spend a lot of time with dictionaries and thesauri while learning to read english =)

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