Vroom! Gone til Monday sometime, when the cable people come to hook up the cable modem which is supposed to happen between 8am and noon. We’ll see if it actually does. :)


2 thoughts on “vroom!

  1. Since I have no blog of my own (and refuse to go the plebian route of letting some mass-blog site host me and mux.net still doesn’t have its Apache/PHP issues ironed out and because I’m lazy and at work), I’ll abuse Kit’s since she’s not here.

    Good way to waste a few hours at work when you have nothing else to do: http://www.stevencloud.com/

    I realize that’s a lot of “becauses” but my life tends to read like that. I’ll just have to say something relevant to Kit’s post so I look slightly more witty and she doesn’t completely beat me up when she returns.

    Cable modems. Yum.

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