We drove up to Bray yesterday (a very pretty drive) and back home again today and decided that overall, taking the train is a more relaxing and no more time-consuming way to travel, so we’ll probably do that in the future. Well, we certainly will once we get the car sold (anybody want to buy a Fiat?), but if that doesn’t happen promptly, then next time we go up. That didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m feeling a little tired and incoherent.

But we had a very nice time indeed in Bray, complete with usual large amounts of hilarity (I kept knocking Ted’s water glass, which was settled safely on the floor at the side of the couch, well out of anybody’s way, over, because I kept falling over in the armchair I was sitting in and swinging my arm as I laughed, and *plonk*, the glass fell right over, and … well, you probably had to be there, but it was *very unlikely* that the glass would get knocked over once, much less repeatedly. :)) and playing with the little boys (Ted, who is considerably taller than anybody else they’re related to, scared the snot out of them by putting them on his shoulders and letting them fall backward and catching them. Breic wanted to go again, after being first genuinely scared, then drama-queen scared, and Seirid asked to go again, and Ted said, “Are you sure?” and he said, “No!” and ran back to Grandma. :)), and eating celebratory strawberry shortcake (mmMMmm) and enjoying being around family.

The only downer in any of this was I have a canker sore just on the inside of my upper lip right smack in the middle, and it hurts like *hell*.

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