Walker Papers: thud

Shaman Rises cover

Remember how two weeks ago I posted and said OMG there’s this bit in SHAMAN RISES I’d forgotten and it was like reading it for the first time?

Last night doing the final edits, I hit that bit again and the same thing happened. I think I can safely say nobody’s going to see that bit coming. :)

(No, it’s not that I’m losing my mind, it’s that I’d revised that section heavily and the changes haven’t settled in my mind yet, apparently. But then, there was a scene in URBAN SHAMAN that shocked me the first 15 or so times I read it, so maybe it’s just that I’m capable of surprising myself… :))

At any rate, so then this happened:


SHAMAN RISES is out in July! :)

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2 thoughts on “Walker Papers: thud

  1. it will have o be very spectacular to bet Morrison jumping out of Petite, and shooting the wrights . I never saw that coming.

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