walking to rivendell

Not that I’m actually close to finishing my walk to Rivendell (268 miles, determined to get the next 190 done by Dec. 17th!), but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on where to walk to *after* Rivendell. :) There’s always Mordor, but what with RotK being the last installment, I thought maybe if there were other maps/distances available for other fantasy settings that it might be fun to walk in another world.


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  1. The Emerald City?
    El Dorado?
    Ramandu’s Island is, by definition, an island, and therefore difficult to walk to. But Cair Paravel isn’t much of a walk.
    The walk to Pluto’s realm to recover Persephone?
    As far as more modern fantasy, you could walk from Endor to the circling and rapidly reconstructing Death Star.

  2. Ai! I’ve been lax and fallen off. I need to get back on the road to make it in time!

    The only non-Tolkien maps I have are the ones from the Pern Atlas from Karen Fonstad. It has distances though…

    Hmm, how long a trek was it from Bingtown to the Rainwilds in Robin Hobbs’ Liveship books? Oo, what about Fitzchivalry’s trek in her Farseer books? (or at least the first trilogy, havne’t touched the second yet until all three are out).

  3. Took the wolfriders about two moons to walk from lostholt to Grove, I think. Of course opinions differ on what two Abode moons are in earth terms, but that just makes it more convenient to set your own scale, eh? (Inspired by the fact that the Elfquest RPG map is the only fantasy map still gracing my walls. I used to have zillions of them around, but only Abode endures!)

  4. Aren’t you, like, an author or something? Walk in your characters’ shoes!

  5. Walk Around the Ringworld!!

    OK, maybe just edge to edge?

    The Appalachian Trail (A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson) is 2100 miles, you could do the virtual version of that.

    Or how about Shire to Lonely Mountain? Floating downriver in barrels optional. And Back Again, of course.

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