washing walls

So there I was this afternoon, with a pitcher of hot water and a dishwashing rag, washing the Chantico-induced mud from the walls, thinking, “When I was a little kid, I used to say, “When I’m a grown-up, I won’t *care* if I’m living in a dirty house!”, and here I am, washing the walls.”

Aaah, how the mighty have fallen. :)

While Ted was carpet cleaning (and after I finished washing the walls) I went out to the garage and started sanding boards for shelves. Mom lent me her belt sander and a smaller sander called The Mouse. The belt sander was kinda fun, but The Mouse *rocks*. I’m not a power-tools kinda girl, but I was still having an awfully good time. BBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTT, sanding corners down and rounding them and smooooooothing stuff out. Lots of fun, until my hands got so tired that I couldn’t manage to keep enough pressure to round edges. I got one board finished entirely, 5 more half done, and have 3 which I didn’t even touch. My hands are still tired.

This is me, not working on the Kitling story, can you tell? I *have* managed to print out what looks like an excellent scallops recipe from Teresa Nielson-Hayden’s blog, as well as located a lemon cake recipe that looks yummy (Ted requested a lemon cake) and a New York cheesecake recipe that also looks good (although comments on it suggest cooking it an extra 30 minutes, and using 7 instead of 5 packages of cream cheese), as Shaun requested a cheesecake.

Who, me? Procrastinating? What gives you that idea?

4 thoughts on “washing walls

  1. Are you sure I can’t come move in with you and let you guys feed me for a while? Cheeeeesecake.

  2. Let me just recommend… do not, repeat, do not attempt cheesecake production without the proper power tools. Trying to beat cream until stiff with a FORK will provide enough exercise for three people for a week. Assuming your recipe calls for such effort, anyway. I’ve seen one that uses coolwhip instead… scandal!

  3. Lemon cake is always best with a healthy pinch of ginger in it. Use it like mustard in cheese stuff; you don’t taste the ginger but you REALLY taste the lemon.

  4. Aaah! Is *that* why several recipes called for ginger? I’ll have to add a pinch. Thanks!

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