water ears! water ears!

My ears are entirely full of water. Well, perhaps not entirely, but definetely full. *gloosh* I swam 1800 yards this morning, which was extremely nice, and if I’d gotten to the pool earlier I’d probably have done closer to 3K, but, well, I didn’t. :) It was a nice swim!

I have many thinks to do today. I hafta do laundry, vacuum, write, go to the framing shop, go to the post office, aaaaaaaaand it seems like I’m missing something, but even so, that’s several things right there. And I had to swim, but I did that part already. :)

But *now* I’m going to go have breakfast. Ted’s making omlettes! Yum!

*laugh* Speaking of Ted. Ted has a problem. Ted has been sucked into fan fiction. He’s been reading pretty much all the novel-length Harry Potter fan fiction he can find (novel length stuff tends, it seems, to not do slash, which isn’t what he’s reading for), and he’s been staying up Very Late Indeed to read HPFF. I’ve been threatening to not let him near the computer after 11 at night anymore. :)

Ok, now I’m really going to go have breakfast! *zum*

1 thought on “water ears! water ears!

  1. Speaking for myself, who has been up past 4:30am every night this last week doing many silly things on the computer /including/ reading HPFF, (have you read the one where the HP chars play parts in the Fellowship? “SNAPE: No picking on the elf, halfling boy, or it’s fifty points from Hobbiton.”) I can completely understand Ted’s problem, here. ;)

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