weekend accomplishment

So Sarah and I thought that we should maybe, y’know. Try to write another episode of Legion, to see if we could write one that we felt was producable in less than, uh, two years. Ideally, we’d get it done in 5 days. Realistically, if we put it all together in a month I’ll be very pleased. We are, after all, new at this. :)

But this weekend we did write a fairly solid treatment for the first two acts of the second episode, and we know where we’re going with the third and fourth acts, so we’re feeling pretty accomplished and pleased. From what we’ve got, I feel like the episode is going to come together well. Larry said time and time again that writers should spend at least as much time on the episode treatment as on the script itself: if the treatment is thorough enough, the script should just be adding in the lines to link it all together. Right now I’m feeling like we’re well on the way to achieving that. Go, us!

Plus, I printed out nifty address labels. Not that it has anything to do with anything, but I’m smug about them. :)

1 thought on “weekend accomplishment

  1. Go us! We ROCK!

    Iiiii want to see your mailing labels. Not now. Now, I’m going to bed. But I want to see them!

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