weekend writeup mark 2

Brownies are finished, puppy lady is called (and she was very glad I’d called, so that’s kinda nice), puppy is now wrestling a blanket to death. Grr, argh. :)

Anyway, we went to the pound and there were a couple of very cute Rottie/lab mix puppies, and we thought about getting one, and we went to ask our landlord if we could have a puppy (and paid rent, and I talked to the landlady, actually, not the landlord, and explained that our stove burners don’t light when the oven is on and that somebody came and looked at the stove/oven several months ago and pronounced it choking and dying, and cheaper to replace than fix, but it hadn’t been replaced, and could that please happen? and she said oh! yes! and other good things like that. So that was good.) and she said if we had animals already, sure, we could have another one, so we went back to see if either of the puppies at the pound were girls, and when we got there they’d both been adopted. So we didn’t get those puppies. One of them was a girl. She had white feets with little black spots on them. Ted wanted to call her Spoot, for Spotted Boots. :) But they went home with people, so that’s good!

Then we came home and looked through the paper and found rescue puppies (basically pound puppies who have been collected either from the pound or from people who were going to bring them to the pound, and who are put with foster families so there’s more time to look for owners for them), and they basically didn’t know what kinds of puppies any of them were, but I called up the lady who runs the rescue and talked to her for a bit and got a couple of numbers to call and called one and on Sunday we went out to meet puppies — whom we thought were going to be Rotties — and a couple of them had Rottie-like heads (BIG heads! if the biggest of them had been a girl instead of a boy, we’d probably have brought him home, but we wanted a girl) — but the one we got looks a lot like a husky, in her face and body. Big feet, though (BIG feet! and big STURDY legs!) and fairly Rottie coloring, so possibly they’re Husky/Rottie mixes. Anyway, she’s very cute and she still doesn’t have a name. Ted won’t let me call her Ostrich, even though she sticks her head in dark places a lot. :) We have discussed Oddbit, but I think that’s a hard name to say, and Kahvi keeps coming up.

Also on Sunday we went shopping, and went to my parents’ house for an Easter dinner, which was really REALLY yummy. And then we came home and had to figure out a way to barricade the puppy (who really needs a name) into the kitchen for the night. That wasn’t very successful, but we think we found a way now that will keep her in.

I will try not to bibble about the puppy *too* much. O.O

And that was my weekend!

2 thoughts on “weekend writeup mark 2

  1. I want more puppy bibble. As I live vicariously through your owning pets until we 1) move and 2) have money *snicker*

    The four goldfish and two on-their-last-leg snails just arent’ doing my need justice. I tortured my parents cat on Sunday… but she kept coming back for more! (although that could have been the ham)

  2. Both Oddbit and Kahvi shout very easily from a back porch to bring the dog home for food. :)

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