weight whinging

I’m having one of those, “But I’ve been exercising a WHOLE WEEK and I haven’t hit my target weight!” moments. Whiiiiiine.

In fact, today is more accurately day 12 of walking daily. I’ve walked 20 miles in the last 12 days, and lost, since the end-ish of March, 5 pounds. Which is really very good, so it’s ridiculous to be discouraged right now. Never-the-less, discouraged I’m feeling.

Part of this, I suspect, is due to having bought a new box of hair bleach to re-do my stripe, which is my reward for hitting 185 (5 pounds from now). I want to do it now, whine, whine, bitch moan. I thought buying the box would be incentive, not discouraging. :P

Mutter. I guess I’m feeling in need of encouragement today. :P

miles to Rivendell: 395.5

4 thoughts on “weight whinging

  1. You’re doing *so* well. I long for the day when I’ll be able to post weights like yours. Keep going, m’dear!

  2. You’re really doing well! It’s hard when you don’t see results quickly, but you’re making good progress and you’re sticking to it. Keep it up!

  3. And remember, muscle mass, which you’re building up again, also weighs more than fat, and it takes a while for those to start hitting a point where you lose significant amounts of weight….And five pounds since the end of March is actually pretty darned good….

    Another one of my little things that helped me…Slimfast chocolate drinks and some of the slimfast meal bars. Helps me get a chocolate fix without binging, and helps me eat less, AND (with the drinks) adds to the general hydration levels. You might have to try a couple flavors to find one that’s palatable (the only one I like of the bars is the milk chocolate peanut bar).

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