weird dreams

Between the time Ted’s alarm stopped annoying me and the time I got up this morning, I had an extremely weird dream. It began with me and Sarah and a third person, possibly Angie, at some restaurant sort of thing in Los Angeles, where Danny Devito stopped by our table and gave us each a $20 bill, which we thought was really strange. He tried to explain, but two extremely irritating women came by and wanted to take pictures of him, and he was being jovial and polite despite clearly not wanting to deal with these women.

Then Sarah took out a bunch of photographs of my friend Heather’s wedding, and it turned out that the two extremely irritating women had /been/ in Heather’s wedding, and so we suddenly had this unpleasant connection and couldn’t figure out what to do with that.

Somewhere in there I realized we were in LA, and that Urban Family Dog was playing this weekend, which I told Emily (who had appeared), and then we had an argument about it because she didn’t believe me.

Shortly thereafter, my high school friends Kelly and Rhonnie showed up. Kelly, as far as I could tell, was being fitted for a bridesmaid’s dress which was actually quite nice, only when I admired it, she leaned back from the table and the dress fell down, and then she got very upset with me.

I figured out that Danny Devito had given us the $20s to whet the pot, because it turned out there was a fundraiser going on, but then Danny turned into Jim Byrnes, who was actually doing the fundraiser. It was for something like a childrens-home foundation that Jim was starting, and he had several bluesmen there to speak and sing for the crowd. There were only two extremely strange things about this: 1. Jim looked like my chiropractor, and 2. he had legs, which, I suppose, if he was my chiropractor, makes sense. Oh, and then Sarah wanted to keep her $20 and Jim scolded her.

The dream ended with me turning around to talk to Jim while he was sitting in a row behind me, and noticing that he was holding a typewritten article, but the text of the article was more like a note you’d pass in class; there were a few paragraphs which I don’t remember what they said, and then the final paragraph said, “Kit’s really into Methos, and if you know him, you can tell that Methos is really getting into Kit.”

When I woke up, I wondered why James Marsters hadn’t put in an appearance in the dream. Everybody *else* did. I mean, Danny Devito?

I also had a dream which had the beginning elements of a great epic fantasy novel, but I’ll have to have that dream several more times before I have enough detail to do anything with it.

When I woke up I also discovered I was lying in a sort of twisted position that really wasn’t any good for my back. Then again, nothing’s really any good for my back. I’m *tired* of this. :P

2 thoughts on “weird dreams

  1. Hey, if Danny DeVito’s giving me $20 bucks, I’m keeping it. Especially if it means I get special attention from Jim Byrnes. o.o

  2. But Urban Family Dog _wasn’t_ playing that weekend. They’re playing _THIS_ weekend.

    I, however, am stuck in Mountain Village, because the weather is not making flying possible, today. So, I won’t be at the restaurant, and I won’t get to hear UFD, with or without James.

    But the SpEd secretary was really nice and let me borrow her computer.

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