Well, despite the puppy (who seems to be feeling MUCH better now, thank you), I did get up and go to the gym this morning, and had a pretty darned good workout. Then we went shopping and came home and made a magnificent brunch of bacon, eggs and pancakes. It was *really* good.

Now I’m at work for a few hours and digesting the *really* good brunch, and then I’m going to *shudder* go try this running thing. And it’s a nice day out, so I’m feeling like maybe I oughta go biking, too. I tell you, there’s not enough hours in the day! Well, ok, it helps if you get out of bed before a quarter to ten, but I’d INTENDED to. It’s just that there was the Truly Vile Stench….

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  • Terlan

    Eww.. Poor puppy! And more specifically, poor Kit! Vile Stenches aren’t meant to exist in this world, I’m sure of it! Bleh. :) I hope that the rest of your day has gone better than it started! Good luck with the running thing, if you haven’t already done it. *grin*

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