well, dammit.

Well, god damn it. When we went in to do the mortgage paperwork last week or whenever it was, Mandy the mortgage lady gave us a closing-cost amount of about $7100. We said, “Wow, that’s not very much, does that include the earnest money we put down?”

And Mandy said, “Yes,” and we said, “Cool!”

Only what we were asking was, “Does that include the earnest money ($1000), thus making the final closing costs a total of $7100,” and what she was answering was, “Is the earnest money on top of this $7100, thus making the total closing costs $8100.”

$8100 is less surprising as a total closing cost, except we’ve been going on for the last two weeks thinking it was going to be *$7100*, and that we were going to have enough left over to build a fence. And now we won’t have enough left over to build a fence and I’m *grumpy*. :P

2 thoughts on “well, dammit.

  1. Mortgage people always assume you know exactly what they are talking about!

    Well… disappointing, sure, but you have a haus!!!

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