well, shit.

Well, shit.

Anna at Tor turned down HEART OF STONE. It is an insanely *positive* rejection, but a rejection none-the-less.


I don’t seem to feel inclined to talk about it a whole lot more right now. I probably will in a couple of days. Maybe even tomorrow.

A request: if you want to say “aww”, that’s fine, but please don’t yell, “Fuckers!” or say, “Bitch!” or anything, which I know I do to express frustration, but when I’m talking about writing and rejections and those responses end up on the web in comments, it makes me really uncomfortable. Thanks.


  1. Geni

    Was it a ‘the line is full’ rejection or a ‘you’re so almost there but just not quite’ rejection? And did she turn it down or the people she had to sell it to?

  2. stella

    Positive rejection is almost worse, ’cause she obviously liked it. Or a) she wouldn’t have requested the whole thing. And b) she wouldn’t have said so in her rejection note.

    Awww. :( I’m sorry.

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