Well, that was a big fat waste of time.

I went into the hairdresser’s mostly to be told they’d forgotten to do an allergy test, and hadn’t gotten my phone number so they could call me in to do one, so they couldn’t do anything to my hair until at least 48 hours from now, after they’ve done a skin test.

Which means that after two years of using X3 as a reason to stick it out with the whole growing the hair thing, I am not going to have fun cool Rogue hair for the movie after all.

I could cry right about now.


  1. mizkit

    I can’t get it fixed until next week. I’ve got too much work to do. So at this juncture it just seems like there’s no point at all in doing the stripe. :(

  2. janne

    Maybe you should still get it done. Just long enough to take a picture of Rogue-Kit before gleefully(?) cutting it short? I’ve certainly been looking forward to seeing mark 3 stripe hairdo…

  3. mizkit

    I don’t know what I’m going to do. Right now I mostly, irrationally, want to ‘fix’ my hair by shaving it all off again. That would sure get it all back to one color. :P I’m not going to. I’m going to try to get all the color fixed, and not do anything to it for six weeks after that. Maybe then I’ll be a little more capable of making a rational decision. :/

  4. logrusboy

    Not that we’re running a democracy here, but this would be my vote too.


    I suppose they’re too professional (or you’re too risk averse) to make a viable plan to shine up the ol’ halo, beam happily at them, and say, “What was that brand again? Oh, my stylist used that on me *all* the time back in the States. Let’s just go for it!”

  5. mizkit

    Not a chance, really. :) We saw both the others opening day. We went to the midnight showing of X2, in fact, despite having 3pm tickets for opening day already. So it’s sort of a moral imperative to go see it as soon as I possibly can. :)

  6. jesshartley

    Can you call around to other hair dressers, explain the situation and see if they’ll allow you to waive your right to a skin test/hold them not-responsible if you swell up like a blueberry?

  7. mizkit

    I’m pretty sure that had they not had the master colorist down to give a class (which was part of the reason I got to go in and have it done for free, which I doubt will be the case anymore), they’d have gone ahead, but I suspect the master colorist .never. does color corrections without making sure of allergy tests first.

    At least not when she’s doing a class and therefore setting examples.

  8. logrusboy

    And lo, Fate did dumpeth upon our Heroine another Trial. And Fate saw that Her Work was Heinous and Dismaying but so Terrible in its Improbability that our Heroine could not even use it as a believable Plot Twist for her next Novel. And Fate laughed…for Fate is an Evil Bitch…

  9. skeagsidhe

    You could always go see the movie as is, then dye it, then go see the movie *again*. That way you’d still get to have cool Rogue stripe for A showing…

  10. aelfsciene

    Aw, boo hairdressers. I’m so sorry to hear this, and wish I could wave a magic something and make it all whitey-bleached (and in good condition, to boot!).

    On the bright side, having the stripe still wouldn’t make X3 suck less (though would mean more fun for you, I’m aware)!

  11. ysarndrax

    So very sorry for the news. Them damn color people and their rules and such. I would agree with those who said above to get it done anyway and then go see another showing of the movie with said cool stripe. It might not have the same meaning as going with it on opening day, but will still mean that you have seen the movie with “fun cool Rogue hair” in the theaters.

    OR you could dress up in your ninja gear (its hanging next to that one outfit in your closet)go abscond with the colorist, take him/her to an undisclosed location (your house…damn its disclosed now) and force him/her to do your hair tonight, thus being ready for your red carpet entrance at 2:30 ish to the film being discussed.

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