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As several people have asked, I confess that the weather was utterly miserable last night and so I stayed home and watched two more episodes of s3 Continuum, which continues to be a show that makes me happy. (It has a female lead in a role that 10 years ago almost certainly would have been a guy. She’s a ‘strong’ character in that yes, she’s kick-ass, but she’s also fragile and scared and determined and angry and loses her temper and makes mistakes and-you know, basically acts like a human being. There are 4 people of color in the main & regular cast and at least two more in the recurring cast. Three of them are women. In general there are as many women in speaking roles as men, and they represent a huge variety of personalities and skill sets. Also, there is time travel. What more could I ask for? Oh, except it being a Canadian show so it’s not only *filmed* in Vancouver, but ACTUALLY SET in Vancouver, which is unheard of!)

Today Young Indiana and I went to Dublin’s “dead zoo”, aka the Natural History Museum. It’s pretty damn cool, although the two species of recently-extinct rhinos made me sad.

The giant Irish deer (aka Irish elk), however, did not make me sad. They just awe me. They’re about the same shoulder height as Alaskan moose, but they’ve got a more deer-like upright neck and thus come off as taller, so they’re just freaking HUGE. And the ANTLERS. The antlers are MENTAL. They are SO. BIG! I could stare at those things all day. SO. COOL.


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  1. I love the dead zoo – haven’t been in ages – but would you believe the first time I saw an irish elk was in France? (at least that I remember…hmm..I almost certainly should have seen one in there before that….
    Sounds like I’m going to have to watch that show – those are increasingly on my list of must haves for new TV and films…

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