What to do

I have the ENTIRE MONTH of December off!


  1. shoka

    Once you have drawn some stuff and taken some photos, share’em with us.

    If you’ll take suggestions on subject matter landscapes are sexy and so are your cats *grin*

  2. sammywol

    Come play games at our house! :)

    Of course if I answered in terms of what I thought you would actually do I would be more likely to click the ‘write a book’ button, based on past performance that is. You can still come and play though.

  3. anonymous

    more kitsnaps would be nice, i truly enjoy looking at a new picture every morning. you could come to alaska and play in the snow with us… we finaly got some, a little…


  4. mizkit

    I nearly put ‘go to sammywol’s and play games’ as one of the options, in fact. :) Iiii shall email you Sunday when we know Ted’s schedule for next week, and see if we can arrange a game night next week!

  5. mizkit

    *Have* to? No. I am officially Done with everything I *have* to do.

    The last thing on my personal list of things to do this year is write two more comic scripts, but the only one holding a gun to my head on that is me. :)

  6. mylescorcoran

    You could combine the Christmas shopping, the heavy drinking and learning to use your sewing machine in an entirely ill-advised egg-nog and dressmaking extravaganza.

    Always count your fingers after such activities.

  7. darillian

    I kind of like that drinking, sewing, idea too. But you need to come to Alaska for it, definitely. Bring Ted, we’ll get snowmachines and have hot chocolate (with additives).

    I miss gaming…so if you do that, think of me, PLEASE, while you are having fun!

  8. mikaela_l

    Do what you want to do. Read a book if you feel for it. Begin writing a story, if you want to.
    But most of enjoy the fact that you don’t have to do anything for a while :).
    Everyone needs a holiday sometime.

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