Hah! I made my 1300 on TQB, which puts me at 3K for the day (go me!) and 19K for the year! Go me twice! I’ll hit 20K tomorrow, which will make me v. happy. It’s not quite a NNWM schedule, but then again, I didn’t write for several days while my back was going *grlglkght*, and also I’m not /trying/ for a NNWM schedule. Why ar eyou looking at me like that? o.o

Apparently I intimidated the hell out of a friend who shall remain nameless (in case she wants to remain nameless) this evening, because she took a look at my site and ALL THE WRITING STUFF that’s on it recently, and she’s nearly finished with a novel of her own, and had one of those AAAAAAAAAAAAH I’M NEVER GOING TO DO THAT AAAAAAAAAAAH moments which tend to haunt writers. So she told me to tell her to stop panicking and finish the damned book, which I did. :) And now all is well. *laugh* I have good friends, I really do. I’m a lucky me.

And, mmm, Ted’s making roast chicken for dinner. Soooo yummy!

ytd wordcount: 19,000

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