I seem to have shaken off the doledrums. The bright yellow daffodils helped. :) So did having a good talk with Matrice, and so did walking my 2.5 miles today. I’m not usually gloomy for days on end. I don’t like it much.

But now, to bed!

miles to Rivendell: 400.5

5 thoughts on “whew.

  1. Commenting on everything at once, because I am lazy, and it is very late, and most of what I have to say can be summed up in far fewer words than I have already used in this preamble – You are Very Cool, and you have a supremely awesome family. – That about covers it? Yah. that covers it. Done, now.

  2. Bright yellow daffodils are wonderful. So are white-and-yellow daffodils, almost-green daffodils, almost-pink daffodils, pale yellow daffodils… I really like daffodils, even when they remind me that I really ought to do more yardwork.

  3. Daffodils are second only to sunflowers in the hierarchy of flower coolness…and that only just barely.

  4. I have a clump of bright yellow daffodils in my garden that cheer me immensely. Also a clump of tulips that have red petals with yellow edges on the outside and are nearly all yellow on the inside and slooooowly open and then sloooooowly close every day making them not just cheerful but always different! Yay lily-flowered tulips.

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