I went around this morning giving out OYL business cards (because they were the only kind I had that had our home number on them) to everybody in the neighborhood who was home, and just a little while ago someone called and said they thought they’d found my cat hiding under their tree. And I went over and crawled under the tree and indeed there was my cat, who was very scared and wouldn’t come to me, so I went to get some tuna, and Zilli apparently ran after me (as Silkie said: No, I’m not coming to you, nope, I’m staying here…wait! Where are you going? Don’t leave me!) and so when I came back with the tuna I had to find him again. He’d run into somebody else’s back yard, and then he ran under their RV, so I had to kind of climb under it but after a couple of minutes he came close enough to lick my fingers and then I scooped him up and he’s OKAY and he’s SAFE and I’m so relieved I could cry. I didn’t want to lose Zilli. His little kitty feets are all dirty and he’s scared but he’s okay. I’m so *awfully* glad I handed out those cards. WAH.


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