See, I made the error, on Sunday, of weighing myself, even though I knew it would be a mistake. A week is not long enough to make any real difference in one’s weight, particularly since muscle weighs more than fat and if any magic transformation is going on, it’s the magic transformation of muscle starting to build so that there will be more muscle to burn the plentiful layers of fat. This is good, but it certainly doesn’t make a person weigh any less.

So now I’m whiny and sort of morpish because I haven’t succeeded in creating a Miraculous Transformation inside of a week, nevermind that I KNOW it doesn’t work that way. So I feel like a lump and it seems like there’s no point in going to the gym to swim and …

… talk about a never-ending cycle. Whine.

2 thoughts on “whine

  1. But you are swimming lots, and drinking lots of water (and not eating *too* many cookies!) so you know that you’re doing good things. Going to the gym is good!

  2. Hey– don’t lose heart.

    Did you know your body begins to reshape itself after only about a week of regular exercise? I kid you not– you’ll notice things firming up and a change in waistband size within two to three weeks if you keep it up. Even *if* your scale is mean to you.

    Take heart! Going to the gym is awesome!

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