wib wib wib!

Wib wib wib!

Nice afternoon so far. Went to have coffee (or at least a bottle of water) with Jai, and hung out with her for a couple of hours, then went to the gym and now I’m all wibbly. Ted went to the gym, too! Yay Ted! Yay me!

Cost of going to the gym this month: $11.37 per visit. We shall try to do better in March. :)

Time to edit!

3 thoughts on “wib wib wib!

  1. just meant to tell you–john took your quiz (j.b. goode). I only coached him on two answers!

  2. Hi :) i just saw your new CEMurphy site and it looks great! good work there. :)

    oh, also, good work with the whole, you know, WRITING thing. i mean, the AUTHORSHIP thing. ;)

  3. Going to the gym is very virtuous! Go you!

    Hmm… I pay for membership of the work gym every month. I should either (a) start gymming, or (b) quit paying.

    Also, I bought a cordless phone, which apparantly makes me much more comprehensible. I think the old kijkshop special was on its last legs. Do phones have legs? Perhaps on its last coil.

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