william gibson

I’m going to have to read some more William Gibson, if for no other reason than his blog is insanely enjoyable.

I’m stuck in my computer chair. Zilli has fitted himself between my shoulders and the back of the chair — well, now he’s slid down to sort of my mid-back — and I’m a terrible sucker.

Actually, now I’ve spent so much time taking pictures and uploading them that he’s gone away, so I can go get something to eat. What a relief! :)

2 thoughts on “william gibson

  1. No, no, Silly’s my cat.

    Speaking of cats, there was a new one hanging around today, small and young-looking, maybe 6-7 months old or something. Long black fur, with a WHITE RUFF. It’s the strangest looking thing. Around his neck sort of framing his face are the only white hairs on him. And his eyes are such a dark yellow that they’re almost brown. I’ve /never/ seen a cat that looks like this, anywhere.

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